From 1920 to 1923, Buster Keaton shot 19 short films, which were the beginning of his creative heyday. He built his comic play on equanimity. There was such a legend (or maybe a reality?) That “The Man Who Never Laughs” pledged not to smile either in films or in public even under the contract. His dispassionate composure contrasted sharply with the extravagant situations he found himself in. Although these films are unequal in artistic value, they do not always differ in plot integrity and originality, but the abundance of successful gags, the unusual central character, the unsurpassed pace of events make even not quite successful short films interesting. As for the rest, some critics regarded them as the best part of Keaton's creative legacy. So, for example, Georges Sadoul, admiring his talent, writes about the technical perfection of the film "Policemen", into the impeccable rhythm of which all the gags fit in the most subtle way.
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